Mental Health Support:

Offering Free Mental Health Services to disadvantaged Families, Youths, Veterans, Homeless and Individuals. Fundraising and Partnerships with other Nonprofit organizations makes these resources and support services possible. We are proud to team up with several Mental Health Services. For more information on our Mental Health Support and Services please send inquiries to

Financial Literacy Program:

Our Non-profit organization is dedicated to providing services in the community that educates, empowers, and creates hope for those in need.Our goal is to empower those who’ve had challenging circumstances by providing them a foundation to build on.

Our financial program will empower our community with tools that demystifies money, provides education and tools on getting out of debt, budgeting, adding income streams, money mindset, and healing financial trauma.

Goals that we will achieve:

1. A clear understanding of what causes financial trauma, negative relationships with money, fear, and lack of trust.

2. Financial knowledge and understanding of how to create opportunities using their skill and by breaking down the negative money mindset and limiting beliefs.

3. Live a life of dignity and success, breaking free for their past, and one day become leaders who’ll join hands in creating a safer environment for their families and community.

For more information on our Luggages for Forster Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care please send your inquiries to

Transitioning Foster Youths Support:

Roughly about 4,500 young adults age out of foster care in California per year at the age of 18. When Young Adults Age Out of the foster care system in California, they face a daunting transition into adulthood without stability and support that’s typically provided by a family. The consequences of aging out can be severe and long-lasting on their Mental Health.

it’s important to understand the significance of providing these young adults with the necessary resources and support to achieve as they navigate the challenges of adulthood.

For more information on our Luggages for Forster Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care please send your inquiries to

Employment Assistance:

Assisting struggling Families, & Youths with new to gently used casual and professional shoes and clothing when seeking employment. For more information on our Employment Assistances please send your inquiries to

Outreach Support:

Outreach programs to disadvantaged communities, homeless and veterans living on the streets suffering with mental health disorders. Partnering with other organizations for funding support to offer free Mental Health Services to those who qualify. Hosting community events like “Stop The Stigma Mental Health Awareness Fairs, Annual Foster Youth Luggage Drive & Fundraisers. Coats and Blanket Drives for the Homeless, Food in the Park. Advocating for mental health wellness is a major part of our mission. For more information on our Outreach Support please send your inquiries to

Peer support programs:

Working with young adults and youths discouraging them from  joining gangs and gun violence and avoiding prison is just one part of it. We are offering free mental health support to those struggling young adults. It’s important to understand what is the cause of the problem. For more information to see if you qualify for our Free Peer Support Program please send your inquiries to