Our Mission

Our mission is to empower disadvantaged communities and individuals by providing mental health support and Financial services. Delivering positive impact and a tangible difference offering, Results Driven Service and support that reaches within the community to empower their lives and Mental Health Wellness. With your support we can make this happen.

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Our Programs

Myndz Resources Foundation Assistance:

Assisting struggling Families, & Youth with casual and professional shoes and clothing when seeking employment , Family support with household items, Food, baby supplies. (Mothers Closet)

Myndz Resources  Foundation Support: 

Outreach programs to disadvantaged communities, families, youths, Adults, homeless and veterans dealing with mental health disorders, with funding support. We understand the importance of offering financial literacy  support, as it affects disadvantaged communities creating Mental Health disorders. Our community engagement includes hosting community events like “Stop The Stigma Mental Health Awareness Fairs, Annual Foster Youth Luggage Drive & Fundraisers. Coats and Blanket Drives for the Homeless. Food drives and meals in the park while advocating for mental health wellness is a core part of our mission