Meet our Board

George Washington


After Receiving my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, I started my career in Mental Health Services for the State of California. After moving on from the State the passion for wanting to better others Lives inspired me to start my own company Life Cycles Therapy & Coaching, as a mental health professional. I continued my education by obtaining certificates in various areas of mental health. Always having the entrepreneur spirit, I took my passions within the community, creating events empowering people through mental health support and outreach services. Working with various local Chamber of Commerce with their partnership and Sponsorship support. Playing an important role in creating Stop The Stigma Mental Health Awareness Fairs in several of our communities.

Sarri Washington


I have worked in the Dental field for the past 27 years as an Office Manager.  With years of experience in balancing monies, maintaining records, banking, and ledger reconciliations, I have taken on the role of Treasurer. After meeting my husband George Washington Therapist & (Founder of Myndz Resources Foundation), I am dedicated to helping those struggling with Mental Health Disorders.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family, and our Cockapoo Ivy, who make me smile every day.  Nature is a must and the ocean brings me peace and serenity.  

Priya Kumar

Director of Strategic Planning

Priya Kumar is a dedicated financial empowerment coach committed to ending poverty through her work with non-profits. Specializing in addressing financial trauma, she passionately dispels money myths and empowers underserved and underrepresented communities to enhance their financial stability. Priya’s tireless efforts make a significant impact in bridging the gaps and fostering economic empowerment.

She has experience working as a business investigator for over 15 years. She has partnered with Non-profits like Weave, Advance Peace, B.E.S.T, and Yolo Foster Care to teach financial literacy and empowerment course. She has been a keynote speaker at UC Davis and UC Berkeley, as well as several business conferences. She also received an Diversity Impact Award in May 2024.

She is a mom, an entrepreneur, an author, and a marathon runner who is passionate about her work in the community and her goal is to educate and empower others in financial success.

Jessie Ghangas

Grant Manager

I have recently entered in the Social Services realm, however, I have a compassionate personality from a young age. I hold a Bachelors in Business Administration with a Minor in Computer Science from San Francisco State University. I was born in India and raised in the United States which made me aware of the multicultural communities around me. I am fluent in four different languages. I have a business background starting with a small family owned business to expanding and managing various locations in different states and countries. Interacting with different people who come from various different cultures and backgrounds have taught me that not everyone has the same lifestyle, resources and guidance as the person next to them. I thrive on my extensive 15 years of  experience in communicating and interacting with people with different backgrounds. I currently hold a Grants Manager Position for a Non-Profit Agency that helps Women in Domestic Violence and also run a successful business.